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A.Vogel - Po-ho oil (10ml)


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A.Vogel Po-ho oil (10ml) Alfred Vogel first wrote about Po-Ho oil in March 1929 in his first magazine, Das Neue Leben (A Fresh Start). The name comes from Po-Ho the (Mandarin) Chinese for peppermint, one of the five essential oils in this refreshing classic amongst oils. Po-Ho Oil is a mixture of purely natural essential oils. 100g of product typically contains: Peppermint Essential Oil 50g Eucalyptus Essential Oil 30g Juniper Essential Oil 14g Caraway Essential Oil 4g Fennel Essential Oil 2g Directions:- To be rubbed on as an oil, inhaled or gargled. Important: Po-Ho Oil cannot be used as nose drops or as a nasal spray. Avoid contact with the eyes and sensitive skin and wash

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