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Higher Nature - Sx for great sex VV  Caps (90)


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Higher Nature Sx for great sex VV Caps (90) For him and for her and does not raise blood pressure

Arginine a natural amino acid found in food, can help keep the fires stoked after the first flush of love. Sufficient blood flow is critical to arousal in both men and women. Arginine, the biologic precursor of nitric oxide, or NO (the same molecule released by Viagra), naturally helps maintain blood flow to the sexual organs. Herpes simplex (cold sores) sufferers are advised to consult a nutritionist before taking this product.

3000mg Arginine, Hcl, 108mg Phosphatidyl Choline, 150mg vitamin B5, Pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)

Take 4 capsules each morning and evening on an empty stomach for at least 1 month, then maintain at least three capsules morning and evening.

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