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Pharma Nord - Bio-Gluco Control  ( 60 Tabs )

Bio-Gluco Control ( 60 Tabs )

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How much should you take?

Pharma Nord recommends 2 tablets per day before food, or as directed by a physician. 

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Sugar, lactose, soy and gluten free.

Bio-Gluco Control from Pharma Nord is the world's first double-action, natural solution for blood sugar management. Gluco Control combines Delphinol, a unique Chilean maqui berry extract, with a patented organic chromium yeast, ChromoPrecise, which helps to maintain normal circulating blood glucose levels. 

Double Action!
Slow the uptake - Delphinol slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream. 
Glucose used as energy - ChromoPrecise channels glucose out of the bloodstream and into cells. 

Why Pharma Nord Bio-Gluco Control:

  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.
  • Promote healthy circulating levels of glucose in the bloodstream
  • Ensure more efficient use of available glucose in foods
  • Avoid energy highs and lows
  • Reduce cravings for sugary foods and carbohydrates
  • Prolong time between hunger pangs
  • Prevent fatigue and loss of concentration
Nutritional information: 
(Per Daily intake - 2 tablets): 
Chromium (ChromoPrecise) - 100ug
Maqui Berry Extract (Delphinol) - 100mg

What is Chromium?

Chromium is a trace mineral found in small quantities in foods such as green leafy vegetables, potatoes and nuts. It works together with insulin to process the sugars in our foods more efficiently, moving glucose out of the bloodstream and converting it to energy. 

Modern British diets contain very little chromium due to the low levels of this trace mineral in UK soils. Chromium is also readily depleted from food during cooking and processing.

What is Delphinol?

Delphinol is a specialised extract from the berries of the maqui tree, a Chilean medicinal plant. Delphinol has been shown to slow the release of glucose from the small intestine into the bloodstream to avoid sharp spikes in blood glucose levels. 

Carbohydrates are sugars that come in two main forms - simple and complex. The difference between the two is how quickly they can be digested and absorbed, as well as their chemical structure. Simple sugars breakdown easily whilst complex starches take longer. Simple sugars are found in cakes, cereals, snack bars and processed foods. Complex starches are found in white bread, pasta, rice and pastries. 

Delphinol is unique. It is the only naturally occurring substance to inhibit the absorption of glucose from both simple sugars and complex starches.

Chromium enriched yeast (ChromoPrecise), Bulking agent: Microcrystalline cellulose, Firming Agent: Maltodextrin, Delphinol (Maqui Berry Extract), Anti-caking agent: Calcium phosphates, Glazing agent: Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, Firming agent: Magnesium salts of fatty acids, Colour: Calcium carbonate Glazing agent: Zein, Colour: Anthocyanins.

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