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Rio Trading - Lapacho (Pau d 'Arco)  Teabags (40 Bags)


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Rio Trading Lapacho (Pau d 'Arco) Teabags (40 Bags)

Pau d'Arco (Lapacho) is made from a tree native to the Amazon rainforest.

This splendid tree carries gorgeous purple flowers in the spring, and these flowers keep the tree immune from disease, parasite and fungal attack.

The local indian name for the tree is “TAJY” which means “to have strength and vigour”.

The active ingredients are sourced from the inner bark and are said to have the same effectiveness.

To enhance the effects, the Rio Pau D'Arco vegicaps are made from a 5:1 extract and the Tea bags are at supplement strength.

 Already the first choice for many Candida sufferers, Pau d'Arco (aka. Lapacho) has also recently demonstrated potential against the hopsital superbug 'MRSA'.

Used by Amazonian peoples for centuries, this sacred Inca herb is called 'the tree of life' by modern Brazilians with good reason, there can be few remedies that are so broadly beneficial to the immune system

- Pau d'Arco is anti-fungal , antibacterial and anti-viral.

 Rio uses only well identified herbal material and is the world-wide specialist for Pau d'Arco/Lapacho products

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