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Cherry Active
Cherry Active
Cherry Active For :
* Sports & training recovery
* Joint care / Gout / Uric Acid Maintenance
* Healthy Sleep Patterns
* Antioxidant Intake
Gout arises with uric acid crystals build up in the joints. The body produces uric acid when it breaks down purines - substances found naturally in the body but also in certain high protein foods, like organ meats, anchovies, mushrooms and some seafoods.
The buildup of uric acid in certain areas of the body such as the feet, ankles and toes can lead to gout. Uric acid will crystallize when it is not eliminated by the body, and those formations inside the body cause very sharp pain that can be agonizing.
 When you get an attack of gout in one of your big toes, the swelling and pain may make it impossible for you to move. Cherry juice contains a compound called anthocyanin that can dissolve these crystals and reduce gout pain. is one of the largest stockist of Cherry Active Products in the UK.

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