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Incognito Anti-Mosquito - Zap-Ease Instant Bite Relief (22g)

Zap-Ease Instant Bite Relief (22g)

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-  Bite relief from insect bites, jelly fish, and nettle stings

-  Takes away the urge to itch and scratch mosquito bites

-  Acts as an anti-histamine and reduces bite swelling and inflammation

-  Lasts for up to 1000 bites or 5 years

-  No battery required

-  No toxic chemicals

-  Registered with the Vegan Society


incognito®'s Zap-Ease instant bite relief is the simplest, most effectiveharmless way of stopping the itch, for the times that you forget to apply your incognito® Insect Repellent Spray. 


‘Clicking’ the Zap-Ease several times around the area of the bite has the effect of localising the poison and inhibiting the histamine release which causes the itch and the urge to scratch. The toxicity of the mosquito bite becomes neutralised, with no harmful effect on the surrounding skin, thus stopping the customary inflammation and unsightly swelling. Suitable for mosquito and other insect bitesjelly fish stings and nettle stings.


Zap-Ease is completely safe for the human body and an incredibly effective treatment for insect bites. ?Being extremely lightweight and compact, it is the perfect companion for traveling trips. Finally, there is no GM, and we never test on animals!


Not suitable for those fitted with a pacemaker or children under 2 years.



Amount: 1 Zapper (22g)


Click Zap-Ease 5 times or more around the bite to ease the itch.


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