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LAMBERTS - Vitamin B12 100ug (100 tabs)


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LAMBERTS Vitamin B12 100ug (100 tabs)

Vitamin B12 is found mainly in animal based foodstuffs such as meat which is why it is often chosen as a regular supplement by vegetarians and vegans. It is essential for normal red blood cell formation and contributes to the normal function of the immune system. And like most B vitamins it contributes to normal energy metabolism, the processes that release energy from foods.

Frequently chosen by vegetarians and often recommended as a supplement for the elderly, who may have a compromised diet. These small, easy to swallow tablets provide 100µg of vitamin B12. They are made in the UK and produced in premises that operate to stringent pharmaceutical standards of GMP. One-a-day formula.


  • Pure pharmaceutical grade vitamin B12, made in the UK.
  • Small easy-to-swallow tablets.
  • Suitable for vegetarians. 

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