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Power Health - Power Ginseng GX2500+ (60 Caps) - PANAX  KOREAN  GINSENG


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Power Health Power Ginseng GX2500+ (60 Caps) - PANAX KOREAN GINSENG

Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb traditionally used in many cultures as a rejuvenating tonic. Power Ginseng GX2500+ contains a concentrated 30% ginsenoside rich extract from Panax CA Meyer 4-6 year old korean ginseng roots. Up to 8 times stronger than other ginseng supplements.


The choice of root is very important. We only use 4 to 6 year old Panax **C.A. Meyer Korean Ginseng Roots in the manufacture of our Super Potent *Ginsenoside Rich Capsules.

POWER GINSENG GX2500+ contains both groups of Ginsenosides, Rg1 and Rb1 which give Ginseng its adaptogenic properties.

Each capsule provides 100mg of Korean Ginseng Extract containing typically 30% Ginsenosides.

* Ginseng’s Active Principle

** Regarded as the Best Ginseng in the World.

Take POWER GINSENG GX2500+ as part of your daily regime.


POWER GINSENG GX2500+ can be taken by anyone but particularly:

• Those of us who are not as young as we once were

• Athletes or anyone taking part in vigorous exercise

• Women during the menopause

• Students revising for exams

• Busy Housewives

• Executives with demanding schedules In fact anyone who demands a little extra

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