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Rio Trading - Maca pure powdered root 500mg  ( 90 Veg. Caps ) - Increases Libido


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Rio Trading Maca pure powdered root 500mg ( 90 Veg. Caps ) - Increases Libido

Take  3-6 capsules per day before food.

MACA: 100 % PURE & of The Highest Quality

A strong Peruvian root: the powerful tonic for libido in both men and women.

MACA IS A HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS root that comes from the mountains of Peru, where for centuries it has been used by the native population as a staple part of their diet.

Western researchers became interested in Maca and also the high fertility that was evident among both the men and women of the mountains.

Maca is rich in valuable protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and has a high content of alkaloids.

Maca can be used either as powdered root in capsules or in the modern, powerful and concentrated elixir.

In either case the result is a marked improvement in stamina and endurance and new heights of sexual performance.

In capsule form it is used by sportsmen and women, and by top athletes, as a general restorative, for energy, strength and stamina, and as a superb accompaniment to any programme of fitness training.

MACA IS A ROOT VEGETABLE that grows at extreme altitudes in the Andes Mountains, higher than any other food crop in the world. This is a harsh environment of burning sunshine and fierce winds during the day, and sub-zero temperatures at night. These rugged conditions and the mineral-rich soil give Maca its elemental power.

Athletes use maca to boost energy, stamina and performance, instead of resorting to dangerous steroids.

Men use maca to increase erectile tissue response -- it's even being called Nature's Viagra by many!

You can use maca to elevate your mood and improve mental ability and concentration

Beautify yourself naturally with maca! It increases blood circulation in your skin, giving it a youthful appearance.

The natural sterols in Maca help build muscle especially when you exercise.

Maca makes you feel well nourished.

Maca can lift you out of depression.

Maca enlivens sexual function in both genders.

Maca can help regulate women's hormonal irregularities.

Maca will help you overcome fatigue

Maca will help stimulate your immune system.

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