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A Vogel - Dormeasan® Sleep Valerian-Hops Oral Drops (50ml) - for the relief of sleep disturbances

Dormeasan® Sleep Valerian-Hops Oral Drops (50ml) - for the relief of sleep disturbances

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Dormeasan® Valerian-Hops works as a sleeping aid


~  Herbal sleep remedy

~  Helps restore natural sleep

~  Tinctures of Valerian and Hops

~  Fresh herb extract


Dormeasan® is a herbal sleep remedy made from extracts of freshly harvested, organically grown Valerian root and Hops.


Valerian, known in the Middle Ages as All Heal, grows in temperate climes worldwide. The unusually flavoured herb is known as Valeriana officinalis. Each autumn Alfred Vogel harvested the amazingly hairy roots of his crop, rich in active ingredients, from his organic fields and combined it with unpollinated female Hops to create this tincture.


Dormeasan® is not a 'sleeping pill’. It is a herbal sleeping aid and won't normally leave you feeling groggy in the morning. Unlike many sleep remedies, Dormeasan® is available in the form of a liquid herbal tincture. Taken just half an hour before bedtime, it can help if you worry that you can't sleep - encouraging a more natural sleep, helping you sleep better and wake feeling refreshed.

At A.Vogel, we insist that only freshly picked Valerian root and Hops plants are used to make Dormeasan®. This ensures that the herb extracts obtained provide the active* ingredients that encourage undisturbed sleep. For more information on why we prefer to use fresh herbs in our herbal remedies, look for The A.Vogel fresh herb story.


Amount: 50ml







1ml of Dormeasan® oral liquid (equivalent to 35 drops) contains:


~  Valerian root tincture 0.5ml (Valeriana officinalis L.) (1:10-11) Extraction solvent: ethanol 58%v/v

~  Hops strobile tincture 0.5ml (Humulus lupulus L.) (1:12-13) Extraction solvent: ethanol 65% v/v


Other ingredients used are ethanol and water.







Adults and elderly: To aid sleep - Take 30 drops in a little water or fruit juice half an hour before bedtime

Mild anxiety - Take 10-20 drops in a little water or fruit juice once or twice daily.






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