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Solgar - Nutri-Nano Co-Q10 3.1x ( 50 softgels)


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Solgar Nutri-Nano Co-Q10 3.1x ( 50 softgels)

Solgar Nutri Nano" is a patent-protected nanotechnology that transforms fat-soluble nutrients into amphiphilic ones - substances that are soluble in both fat and water - by surrounding the fat-soluble nutrient with a nano-sized watersoluble shell called a micelle.

Ordinarily, fat-soluble nutrients such as CoQ10 are absorbed via the same pathway as other dietary fats, requiring emulsification by bile salts followed by micellisation, where the fat is coated in a water soluble shell enabling it to be delivered to the absorption sites of the intestinal tract.

Traditional CoQ10 supplements are presented as either oil-based suspensions in softgels, or powderfilled vegetable capsules, both of which tend to provide CoQ10 with a large particle size that has poor solubility - factors that adversely impact on bioavailability.

Nutri-NanoT"' CoQ10 provides CoQ10 molecules in preformed micelles, bypassing the need for emulsification and micellisation in the gut and ensuring efficient delivery of CoQ10 to absorption sites in the small intestine.

Each Nutri-NanoT" Q10 micelle is only 30nm across, and each micelle contains approximately 400 CoQ10 molecules.

The net result of this advanced technology is a CoQ10 product that is 3.1 times more bioavailable than traditional powdered CoQ10, providing faster, more efficient delivery of this important nutrient to cells.


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