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Astragalus Root

Astragalus root increases energy in the body and fights against lack of appetite, colds, ulcers, diabetes and general weakness. It boosts the immune system and has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It increases blood circulation too.

Astragalus is famous for it’s immune boosting properties. Though this isn’t the main use of this herb in Chinese traditional medicine, Western doctors have found out that astragalus produces interferon in the body, as well as boosts red blood cells.

Interferon helps destroy microbes and viruses. It is anti viral in it’s function. It is often recommended for people with compromised immune systems, like HIV or chronic colds or infection of the respiratory system. Anyone who is fighting off a serious disease such as cancer can benefit from astragalus.

Astragalus get it’s immunity boosting action from it’s high content of polysaccharides and flavonoids. These are very potent antioxidants. Flavonoids protect cells from dangerous free radicals. The Polysaccharides boost the production of white blood cells and activate killer T cells to protect your body against disease. It also increases production of interferon, a potent antiviral chemical.

Astragalus has long been used for heart problems. It is believed to strengthen the heart and protect the blood vessels. The saponins it contains prevents plaque from collecting in the arteries. This helps increase the flow of blood to the heart. People with weak hearts often take this herb to relieve breathlessness and distress in the chest area. Astragalus is also taken to lower high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Astragalus is a protector of the adrenal glands which produce stress reducing hormones. It is often used to fight the effects of stress and anxiety.

Athletes take this herb for it’s strength and endurance promoting action. It is said to increase stamina and vitality.

Astragalus tea is great a great aid for the digestion. It helps the body process food more efficiently, reduce gastric acid and inhibits gastric secretions. It is often used to treat stomach ulcers.

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