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Combined Digestive Enzymes

Enzymes are normally produced in adequate amounts to digest the foods that are eaten. However, as we mature in years or as a result of illness, the Digestive System may become less efficient and the amounts of enzymes produced may become insufficient.

Due to insufficient secretion of the enzyme lactase, some people may experience difficulty digesting the lactose in milk and other dairy products.  Supplements containing the enzyme lactase are effective in the management of these symptoms and helping with the breakdown of lactose.

Some people experience bloating and a feeling of "fullness" that persists long after a meal is consumed. This can cause disturbed sleep, flatulence,headaches  and abdominal pains. Others may produce an abnormally small amount of digestive enzymes. This may result with increasing age or after major surgery concerned with the digestive system. Supplements providing a mixture of the major digestive enzymes may help to reduce these symptoms and also help to digest the dietary component

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