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Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng, also known as Eleuthero, is considered as a normalizer, stress reducer and energizer. It has been traditionally used to negate stress and fatigue. It is often used as a tonic to invigorate a person physically and mentally.

It’s considered an adaptogen.  An adaptogen is a substance that reduces the effects of mental and physical stress and can help the user in a general, non-specific way.


It effects the adrenal glands in a positive way. These glands are found directly above the kidneys and produce stress fighting hormones.

The adrenal glands are very important to good health. The body uses them to regulate metabolic functions, aid the immune system and regulate energy levels. The eleutherosides contained in Siberian Ginseng brings these glands back into balance and helps them to work more efficiently.

This type of ginseng is also very beneficial to the circulatory system. It helps maintain healthy blood circulation, distributing oxygen and other important nutrients efficiently to the body and brain.

This herb is a powerful immune system booster. Many people who take it regularly seldom get sick. It can help the body fight off illnesses like the common cold, flu and others. Without a strong immune system, there is little chance for good health. That’s why taking Siberian Ginseng does such a great job at keeping people healthy. It would be worth taking it for this benefit alone.

Siberian Ginseng is very popular with people suffering from chronic fatigue  Syndrome and other forms of exhaustion. It has the ability to relieve tiredness of the mind and body. This isn’t something that happens overnight. This herb should be taken every day, as the effects will increase over time.

In a German study, subjects taking a Siberian Ginseng extract experienced many immune system benefits. It had a very beneficial effect on the immune cells, increasing their numbers and effectiveness.

This herb is also very popular with athletes, as it increases strength, endurance and concentration. No wonder it is used by the Olympic athletes in Russia, as well as their cosmonauts in space. These benefits are very important to anyone who has to endure long and hard physical and mental tasks.

Because of it’s concentration and memory enhancing effects, it is often taken by college students preparing for exams. It seems to help organize thoughts and make learning a new subject easier.

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