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St. John’s Wort - Hypericum

St. John’s Wort , Hypericum has many amazing health benefits. It is known for it’s ability to treat depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety.

Though many people take prescription medicine for these problems, there is also a natural alternative to these drugs.

St John's Wort is an effective treatment for mild depression and anxiety. It acts as a “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor” (SSRI) just like prescription anti-depressants.

Depression and anxiety are caused by too little serotonin in the brain. St. John’s Wort inhibits the loss of serotonin, making it effective for treating these illnesses.

When you have enough serotonin circulating in the brain, feelings of anxiety, depression and stress can be alleviated. Research has confirmed that St. John’s Wort is just as effective as Prozac and Zoloft for treating anxiety and depression, but without the high cost and negative side effects associated with prescription medicine.

Since St. John’s Wort has anti-depressant properties, it’s also been used for smoking Cessation.

Used externally, it is very effective as a wound healer and also has strong antiviral properties. It’s been used to treat HIV herpes and hepatitis. St. John’s Wort is very well researched and has helped millions of people for many hundreds of years. It’s one of the most commonly used herbs in the U.S.

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