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the Good guru

Ayurveda, the science of life, has been the Indian traditional system of medicine, almost 5000 years old. It aims to treat the sick and retain the health of the healthy. It can be said that Organic farming was practised even during the ancient times. And now when we talk about restoring health, the branch of Ayurveda called "Rasayana" comes into picture. There are various herbs also used in this treatment modality that detoxify the body, provide finest nutrition at cellular level, prove to be a good source of micronutrients and improve the overall well being.

Thus, organically grown and carefully selected herbs in the Good guru herbal preparations have higher nutritional component, wide range of pharmacological properties with retained potentials and also promise to assist you in regaining and maintaining a healthy stress response in the body. Also there are many other benefits like regulation of body fat, muscle tone improvement, mind relaxation, enhancement of immunity, mental clarity and alertness. 

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