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Heart Health

Our Heart beats around 100,000 times per day.With each heart beat,about 70ml of blood is pumped around the body.An astonishing 5 Litres every minute and 300 Litres of blood every hour - and that is without a break !

In times of physical stress and exertion, the heart can increase it's perfomance by up to five times.These shows why it is necessary to keep our heart in good health.

Improving your diet is an important step toward preventing heart related issues.In addition to exercise, being careful about what you eat,and what you don’t eat,can help you look after your heart.

Heart problems are linked with :

* Cholesterol levels

* Blood pressure

* Blood sugar levels

* Obesity

* Smoking

* Lack of physical activity

* Stress

* Unhealthy diet

Supplements to support good heart health is available from

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