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Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are made from mixtures of dried leaves, seeds, grasses, nuts, barks, fruits, flowers or other botanicals that give them their taste and contribute to an array of herbal tea benefits.

For example:


Chamomile tea -  has compounds to help end menstrual cramps. Chamomile raises glycine levels which help relieve the muscle cramps that cause cramping. Has been prescribed by herbalist for relaxing.

Ginger tea -  In traditional Chinese medicine, ginger was used to warm the stomach, spleen and lungs, and to help promote healthy digestion and circulation
Ginger drink  gives relief  to nausea and  colds.

Hibiscus tea -  helps lower blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and improving circulation. Also rich in anthocyanins, which are plant pigments, that help fight free radicals.

Lemon Balm tea -  helps to boost brain power by increasing acetylcholine - a brain neurotransmitter which helps with memory. Just inhaling the scent has been shown to be beneficial for clearing the head and calming the nerves.

Peppermint tea -  the energizing scent of peppermint helps soothe sinus pain as effectively as 1,000 mg of Tylenol. Just the vapors of peppermint has pain relievers and natural anti-inflammatory compounds. It is also effective for eliminating Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Raspberry Leaf tea -  good as an all around tonic and a blood purifier.Raspberry leaf tea is thought to tone the muscles of your uterus (womb) to help it work better during labour. The idea is not so much to speed up your labour, but to help it to progress at a nice, easy pace.



Rooibos tea -  this red tea has more antioxidant properties and minerals than both white tea and green tea. Made from the South African red bush plant, rooibos also has calcium, iron, and zinc.Rooibos also helps prevent cell damage that causes sun damage, wrinkles, and it is believed to stave off Alzheimer's.


Rose Hip tea -  made from seed pods, it can help reduce the pain of arthritis by easing joint aches and tissue inflammation. The pods release anti-inflammatory compounds and bioflavonoids. Rose hip tea also blocks the production of stress hormones. And it smells good!

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