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This mineral cannot be tested for through the 'Mineral Test Kit', but if you are short of at least two of the other minerals, then you are likely to be low in iodine as well.


Iodine is required for the production of throxine, your major thyroid hormone, which has a vital role to play in growth, energy production and your body's metabolism.  If you are a female then iodine is an essential nutrient for breast and reproductive health.

Your Needs

Iodine found in food has declined over the last 50 years.  As iodine is a member of the 'halogen' family, others include fluorine, bromine and chlorine, and these opposing members have increased relative to the presence of iodine, the competitive inhibition that occurs drives our iodine levels down.

Symptoms of Inadequacy

Under active thyroid hormone symptoms include fatigue, constipation, stubborn weight loss (but not everyone overweight has low thyroid), hoarse voice, dry skin, cracked heels, poor mood (depressive) and in more extreme chronic cases there will be a swollen neck (goitre).

Food Sources

Sea vegetables (seaweed) and sea food, especially shell fish.

The recommended daily allowance of 140mcg may be difficult to achieve through diet alone, and as such higher levels may need to be ingested to return you to optimal balance.  Daily intakes of 500mcg are without risk.


If you are already prescribed thyroxine medication by your Doctor, then do not supplement with additional iodine without discussing this with your Doctor.  This is because it may alter your needs for the drug.

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