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As with Zinc, Magnesium is required for hundreds of essential enzymes that affect many different aspects of health, (an enzyme is a protein that speeds up chemical reactions in the body). Magnesium is necessary for your energy, nerve function, keeping your muscles relaxed, your kidneys working properly and maintaining your immune system.

Your Needs

A stressful lifestyle demands more magnesium from you. Even people eating good healthy diets can be deficient in magnesium, due to declining levels in our foods and increasing demands on our stores. Exercising to keep healthy will also use up magnesium and the heart relies on this mineral to perform at its best. Optimal magnesium levels ensure the best chance of you keeping blood pressure levels normal.

Symptoms of Inadequacy

Fatigue, muscle cramps, irregular heart beat, muscle weakness and loss of muscle tone, mental confusion, mood swings, poor coordination, hyperactivity, difficulty sleeping, high blood pressure,poor immune health, pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), and many others  – but remember you do not need to have any of these to require additional levels of this mineral. Read more on how magnesium is linked to colon cancer.

Your bones contain 60 percent of your body’s magnesium stores, with the rest being found in the muscles and bloodstream.

Food Sources

Magnesium is present in a wide variety of foods. High levels are found in shell fish, with meats and dairy produce containing less. Green leafy vegetables and nuts and seeds are good sources.

4. Copper (Cu) supplied as Copper Sulphate


Copper is vital to keep your blood iron and oxygen levels optimal. It is vital for energy, skin health and lung function. Due to the complex and supportive role of minerals, copper is a vital component when achieving optimal personal mineral status.

Your Needs

Joint diseases such as Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis appear to improve when insufficient copper levels were corrected. You also need copper for your heart and immune system. Copper is rarely assessed or supplemented yet is as important as any other mineral.

Symptoms of Inadequacy

Joints diseases, certain types of anaemia, poor immune system, altered skin pigmentation – but remember you do not need to have any of these to require additional levels of this mineral.

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