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Zinc is essential for hundreds of different enzymes that affect many of your body’s functions. For example, it is needed to help detoxify alcohol, to support bone growth, for digesting proteins, for energy production, for protein metabolism and all growth.  Zinc also works as a powerful antioxidant protecting your cells against damage, it is vital for immune system, for blood sugar control, for healthy flexible skin, your heart and arteries and to provide cardiovascular health and for vibrant sperm health.

Your Needs

Zinc can only be obtained from foods such as red meats, egg yolks and seeds. As with all minerals, your needs will increase as you age. Eating a diet high in packaged foods will make you less likely to have optimal levels of zinc. Frequent or recurring colds or other infections, a history of heart disease and low fertility suggests you will benefit from establishing optimal zinc levels.

Symptoms of


White marks on more than one finger nail, easily formed stretch marks, frequent colds, poor or spotty skin, loss of interest in food – but remember you do not need to have any of these to require additional levels of this mineral

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