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Ananda Superfoods - Kapha Ayurvedic Balancing Powder (150g)

Kapha Ayurvedic Balancing Powder (150g)

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For predominantly Kapha types, do you:

• like quite spicy foods and not much sweet food? • sleep deeply and is fine with less sleep than most others? • sometimes feel a little low or demotivated? • have a larger frame and large hands? • like exercise and enjoy spots needing some stamina? • learn slowly but remember very well?

Kapha types tend to have well developed bodies with broad shoulders and soft, oily, lustrous skin. They have a regular appetite with a relatively slow digestion and like pungent, astringent and bitter foods, preferring warm drinks. Kapha types are patient, caring, stable and supportive.

When out of balance, Kapha types are vulnerable to: Depression, greed, lack of motivation, weak digestion, lethargy.


Coconut Sugar
Long Pepper

1 to 2 heaped teaspoons (10g) per day on cereal, in water or juice.

Suitable for children over 5, with half recommended child dose of 5g per day, for children under 10.

Avoid during pregnancy.

Do not exceed 30g per day.

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