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Bone Health Supplements

It is important to build strong and healthy bones in the childhood and teen years to avoid osteoporosis and other bone problems later in life.  Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones are fragile, making them fracture or break much easier. Taking care of your bones when you’re young will help prevent problems in the future.

The most important nutrients for fighting osteoporosis are calcium and vitamin D. Calcium is a key building block for your bones, while vitamin D helps to absorb and "bind" calcium to your bones.

 Magnesium teams up with vitamin B6 to regulate the absorption of calcium into bone. Vitamin D and K are also takes part in this process. Without magnesium, calcium will not be absorbed into the bones.  Our bones contain more than half of our total body magnesium.

Bone is a living tissue that is constantly changing itself and engaging in many biological functions, it has a wide range of nutritional needs.

Boron isn't as well known as other minerals such as calcium, and magnesium, but they can't do their job without it. Boron is vital for the production of certain anabolic hormones that help maintain healthy bone mineral mass and ensure complete recovery from high-volume training. A boron supplement is a valuable addition to your supplement regimen during periods of peak training or exercise.




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